World class horse farms with professional training & breeding facilities, NRW, Germany

Location: near Düsseldorf, Germany Objectno 99. Price: starting from 3.500.000 Euro

Discrete sale

We currently offer for sale: exclusive riding facilities in the center of the German / Dutch and Belgian equestrian sport, which leaves nothing to be desired for an international riding or breeding facility.
Generous space, extremely high quality equipment and the quiet location in the middle of nature characterize these properties.
Close to the international airport and the metropolis of Düsseldorf.
Plot from 7.5 - 22 ha.
Indoor arenas 20 x 60 m.
Prices starting from 3,500,000 - 7,000,000 euros.

Due to the exclusivity of these properties and the associated security conditions as well as to protect the owners, further information and photos will only be released after contact and verification of your data.

Proof of capital required.